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If you are interested in investing your talents in eternal values, please consider the following employment opportunities available through the affiliates of Pensacola Christian College (PCC).

Individuals hired by A Beka Services to fill openings in PCC affiliate corporations must be dedicated to training young people for serving God. All Pensacola Christian College employees must be born-again Christians and agree with our Mission Statement, Doctrinal Position, Philosophy of Education, and Faculty & Staff Commitments.

Prospective employees should submit their résumé along with a brief Christian testimony and a cover letter stating their career objective to Serve@abekaservices.com.

Service Opportunities—affiliates of Pensacola Christian College

Employment Opportunities—Pensacola Christian College

We are generally exempt from the provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which makes illegal discrimination in employment based on religion. Therefore we retain the right to give preference in hiring to persons who are Christian, and/or in good standing with this organization. Beyond this religion exception, however, it is our employment practice to tolerate no discrimination in hiring, compensating, promoting, or terminating employees because of an individual’s race, color, sex , national origin, disability, veteran status, or age. This policy is based on laws established under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other applicable local, state, and federal guidelines.

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About Us

The Employee Services team is dedicated to serving the employees of Pensacola Christian College and affiliates by providing caring service to the ministry’s most valuable asset—its employees.

Our Employee Services team stands ready to happily assist you with your questions regarding hiring, compensation, benefits, and housing. We also work with you to accurately communicate policies and practices, while treating you respectfully as we promote the overall mission and purpose of PCC.

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